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About Us

Wasaga ONE

It is our mission to entertain and inform as many people as we can about the Longest Fresh Water Beach in the world.  We create content that showcases the issues surrounding our Beach Town and it is our GOAL to show people how AMAZING Wasaga Beach is.

Beach Area 1

Our main end has been a popular hotspot since the 60's  Families have come from all around world to experience Wasaga Beach.  Over the years tourism has taken a hit, buildings have been run down, attractions have disappeared, and it is now time to revitalize this town.

THE Downtown Plan

Believe it or not, our town does not have a downtown.  We have survived all this time without ONE.  However, our council has approved a plan that would create a downtown as well as significantly changing the look and feel of the Beach Area 1 and Beach Area 2 tourist locations.  The next phase of Wasaga Beach begins NOW!